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Just Say No to “Magic Numbers”

I’m serious, watch out for Magic Numbers, they will cause you no end of headaches if you don’t get them under control from the start. I’m not talking about the musical brothers and sisters from Hanwell, (although if someone could get them under control and convince them to stop producing bland music I’d be forever grateful). No I’m talking about those mysterious numbers that appear in rules and formulae without any apparent meaning.
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Don’t Just Design Solutions For Clients

One of the first steps in any application design is to work out what functionality is required. Almost always (certainly in document design anyway) the only requirements considered are the client’s requirements, but think about this for a second. Who will be doing most of the maintenance on the application? Who will be investigating any production errors that occur once the application is live? Who is responsible for testing? You’ve got three additional stakeholders in the application straight away right there, how much thought do you generally give to the requirements of maintenance, support and testing? Continue reading