Just Say No to “Magic Numbers”

I’m serious, watch out for Magic Numbers, they will cause you no end of headaches if you don’t get them under control from the start. I’m not talking about the musical brothers and sisters from Hanwell, (although if someone could get them under control and convince them to stop producing bland music I’d be forever grateful). No I’m talking about those mysterious numbers that appear in rules and formulae without any apparent meaning.
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High Volume Print Professionals Market Rates Survey

Following on from my previous post about the apparent lack of value placed in document professionals I’ve pulled together a quick survey so that we can find out what those mythical market rates really are.

To complete the survey please click here of the link doesn’t work go to


If you have any feedback on the survey please leave a comment or get in touch.

Why are High Volume Print Professionals So Often Undervalued?

I was contacted recently regarding two separate contracts both requiring an HP Exstream Architect, and both roles fell through after discussing rates. I was asking for a rate somewhere between £500 – £600 per day depending on the specifics of the role and was told by the manager of “Talent Aqcuisition” at Espire that I was very expensive!

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